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Jeremiah 29:11 God has good plans for you!


A friend from school gave me a wristband with "God has good plans for you" written across it. She gave it to me right after I found out my mom had cancer. I thought about it day and night, but wanted to stay strong for my mom. I've never taken off this wristband since. I have a dark tan line now from always having it on. It reminds me every day that God cares about me, and my mom, and He has good plans for both of us.


I keep a bag of these Jeremiah 29:11 wristbands in my car. I find that I often get opportunities to give them to friends who are having a bad day, or to a person who is feeling hopeless. It always brings a smile and people slip it right on their arm. What a sweet gift to have a way to encourage someone in a time of trouble, to remind them, or maybe tell them for the first time, that God loves them and has good plans for their life.